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    After starting his career at some of the largest marketing research firms, Paul Strasser realized that there had to be a better way of doing market research. With this vision in mind, he launched MSI in 1988 from a lone desk borrowed from a friend. A new frontier in providing marketing insights had been born.

    Throughout our history, MSI has been breaking boundaries. We were one of the first firms to do electronic data collection, use smart technology to scan computers to capture relevant data, as well as build a multi-country global online community on a single technology platform with our sister company in the Netherlands.

    And our history of innovation continues. In fact ... innovation is the cornerstone that allows us to achieve maximum marketing insights. Our proprietary platform for hosting dedicated online communities is unprecedented. We have also pioneered the use of psychographic models for more effective communication and better response. We have developed better ways of collecting consumer data through every point of the sales engagement, on any platform. And since MSI controls its own proprietary survey engine, we are constantly modifying our approach to asking questions so we can achieve maximum results, even in today's hectic multitasking environment.

    But we're also smart enough to know that not all innovation comes in the form of technology. Sometimes innovation is as simple as how we ask our questions. We know that asking the right questions combined with innovative technology as a medium for collecting answers provides our clients with the insight that they need to make them more competitive.