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    The People of MSI

    At MSI, we believe that real insight comes not solely from data, but from the people who gather, absorb, analyze and, frankly, obsess about it. We're a culture based on strategic thinking, combined with a tenacious approach to tackling data to get the right insights. Our people find the hidden connections and telling differences that lead to true insight into how purchase decisions are made. That's the kind of person we look for. In fact, many of our people are not "researchers" per se, but former brand and product managers whose knowledge contributes greatly to customer insights.

    We'd like to get acquainted. Meet the people of MSI to find out what makes us tick. Click on the names below, and if you see something in our backgrounds that strikes a chord, contact us directly.

    Paul Strasser, President

    Hugh Jeffers, Executive Vice President

    Susan Chiolo, Senior Vice President

    Partha Dass, Vice President, Director of Marketing Sciences

    John Eynon, Vice President, Strategy and Growth

    Mike Highberger, Senior Vice President