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    MSI Expertise

    MSI Expertise: Marketing Research Insight in a New Business World.

    If you are looking for a canned elevator speech about what we do, we apologize ... we simply don't have a cookie-cutter description of our expertise.

    In fact, nothing we do at MSI is cookie-cutter.

    Why? Because our true expertise lies in our ability to partner with companies to address real strategic business issues and provide customized marketing insights that defy typical "off-the-shelf" offerings from even the world's largest research firms.

    And in today's ever-changing world, unique approaches to today's business challenges have never been more important. Social. Mobile. Blogs. Consumers are in control of brand engagement and are empowered. Consumers hold the keys to marketing success in their hands. At MSI, we will help you predict and monitor how consumers feel, think and act.

    Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and the finesse for asking the right questions in the right way, we can help you understand why people choose a brand or product in this new arena. To us, research is not just about crunching the facts and figures as they relate to people. Research is about getting to the heart of what makes them tick. Who influences them? What do they believe in? Obsess over? What makes them laugh? Cry? What do they crave?

    Truly great research provides insight into how consumers feel, think and act, which allows your brand to connect with consumers at every point of engagement. We've done this for a wide array of Fortune 100 and smaller companies and we can do it for your brand as well.