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    Case Studies

    Companies of all sizes are using research analysis to increase productivity and profits. Below are case studies of organizations from various sectors that have used MSI to gain the right insights for achieving real business growth.
    Determining Product Enhancement Viability
    Large global firms require a 360-degree view of all of their audiences across the world. As cultures and tastes are different for each country, product preferences and purchasing habits can vary greatly. READ MORE
    Marketing Messages for U.S. Ethnic Audiences
    With so many diverse ethnic groups in the U.S., companies need the right insights and analytics when marketing to these unique and different audience segments. READ MORE

    Revamping Credit Card Line Configuration
    In order to compete in a highly competitive market, a major financial services institution sought to revamp its credit card rewards program. READ MORE
    Large Global Brand Positioning
    Recent turbulence in the financial sector has forced many financial companies to streamline and better position themselves in the marketplace. READ MORE

    Capitalizing on the Equity of the Master/Sub-Brand Relationship
    A major technology firm wanted to understand the inter-relationship between the company's master brand and several of its sub-brands. READ MORE
    Optimizing the Feature Bundling and Pricing Strategy of the Portfolio
    A security protection company wanted to develop a premium offering in an effort to attract new customers, as well as move current customers up the line from lesser-value products to this new offering. READ MORE

    Segmenting the Market to Support Product Development Using a Leading-Edge Analytic Technique
    A global leader in gaming and home entertainment systems was looking for a market segmentation structure that would support product development and innovation over the next three years. READ MORE
    Launching a New Service Within an Existing Line
    One of the nation's largest video, high-speed Internet and phone providers to residential and business customers developed a new service that complements its current offering and functions effectively as a new standalone service. READ MORE

    Create a Methodology to Monitor the Effectiveness of a Program Targeting Hard to Reach Populations
    A recent government mandate required a telecommunications company to provide technology services and training to economically disadvantaged populations. READ MORE
    Providing Services to Increase Engagement and Commitment to the Brand
    One of the world's leading media, entertainment and communications companies was investigating new features to bundle with a higher-tier service to motivate interest in a product upgrade. READ MORE

    Determining How Much and Where to Spend Marketing Dollars
    In today's fast-paced business environment, companies have to consider both traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies to gain and retain customers or be left behind. READ MORE
    Protecting Against Private Label Encroachment
    A major consumer package goods company was facing a crisis that could significantly reduce its profits. READ MORE