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    Case Studies

    Create a Methodology to Monitor the Effectiveness of a Program Targeting Hard to Reach Populations

    Problem: A recent government mandate required a telecommunications company to provide technology services and training to economically disadvantaged populations. MSI needed to identify a methodology that would reach those earning $29,000 or less per year. It can be a difficult group to reach in standard methodologies since penetration of Internet/computers in home/etc. is lower in this population.

    Solution: Because of the difficulties in representing this population, MSI purchased a list of low-income households in a specific geography and mailed a postcard that requested their involvement in research related to the school lunch program. On the postcard, we provided an 800 number to call for a brief survey. If eligible, MSI included an incentive for a Wal-Mart gift card.

    Results: MSI achieved a 4% response rate, which was far more cost-effective than any other previous effort. This helped to provide a viable methodology going forward. And the telecommunications company was able to gauge awareness and usage of the program against the appropriate audience. Now in place, the program can be replicated in additional geographies cost-effectively.
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