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    Case Studies

    Determining How Much and Where to Spend Marketing Dollars

    Problem: In today's fast-paced business environment, companies have to consider both traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies to gain and retain customers or be left behind. But it can be a challenge to determine how much and where to spend resources. This was exactly the issue facing a major technology firm whose budget was largely allocated to traditional media. The company asked MSI to determine the best use of its marketing dollars to non-traditional media such as blogs and other forms of social media and more traditional modes such as advertising.

    Solution: To resolve the internal marketing debate, MSI assembled a large multinational, multiproduct investigation of the technology company's customer experience that examined traditional and non-traditional media and endorsement in 5 key areas. MSI then built models to identify its customers' touch points in advertising, PR, social media, product and retail experience.

    Results: Based on the results of the investigation, the technology client reallocated traditional marketing dollars to the most effective modes of non-traditional media that more effectively reached their customers.
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