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    Case Studies

    Determining Product Enhancement Viability

    Problem: Large, global firms require a 360-degree view of all of their audiences across the world. As cultures and tastes are different for each country, product preferences and purchasing habits can vary greatly. An international insurance and finance firm was interested in determining which product enhancements to pursue for one of its key product lines and which segments of consumers would most likely purchase it.

    Solution: MSI designed a large consumer study that highlighted the most viable product enhancements. The sample and questionnaire determined the concepts most likely to generate interest, influence purchasing and reach sufficient numbers of customers and prospects. Through both cross-tabulations and advanced analytics, MSI was able to determine which product enhancements would meet the objectives.

    Results: Based on the results of this research effort, the client was able to focus its product design and marketing/advertising efforts on enhancements that generated enhanced global revenue.
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