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    Case Studies

    Large Global Brand Positioning

    Problem: Recent turbulence in the financial sector has forced many financial companies to streamline and better position themselves in the marketplace. So when a global financial institution came to MSI to embark on a seismic effort to reposition its brand in the new global economy, we fully embraced the challenge. The company recognized that an exhaustive understanding of the market's current and expected wants, needs, attitudes and behavior would fuel the most successful strategy.

    Solution: MSI executed a global research investigation across 16 countries and several key constituencies: affluent consumers, business/financial decision makers and C-level executives. Multi-mode data collection techniques and online and telephone surveys were required to reach the targeted audiences. For example, MSI developed a simultaneous online/telephone technique that integrated our telephone and Internet interviewing software, which allowed respondents to follow the survey online simultaneously.

    Results: The financial institution successfully used the requisite intelligence to develop a cohesive, relevant and unique brand positioning.
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