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    Case Studies

    Marketing Messages for U.S. Ethnic Audiences

    Problem: With so many diverse ethnic groups in the U.S., companies need the right insights and analytics when marketing to these unique and different audience segments. With this in mind, an international mortgage company came to MSI to determine how to best market a major financial product to key ethnic groups throughout the nation. To do so effectively, it needed to know the extent to which ethnic background influenced buying decisions and which advertising messages would resonate most significantly.

    Solution: MSI designed a large multi-ethnic/multi-language study to determine the extent to which ethnic messages and company behavior influenced consumers' decision-making. The sample and questionnaire helped determine:
    1. If ethnic background plays a role in decision-making (does this vary by generation?)
    2. Whether directed advertising would impact awareness of the offering, influence choice of provider, and induce purchase
    3. Whether sales training with an ethnic focus and other company personnel efforts would be effective in influencing various ethnicities
    Results: Through both cross-tabulations and advanced analytics, MSI was able to determine the level to which ethnic factors were needed in the client's marketing efforts. Based on the results, the client was able to allocate advertising and sales training dollars effectively.
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