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    Case Studies

    Revamping Credit Card Line Configuration

    Problem: In order to compete in a highly competitive market, a major financial services institution sought to revamp its credit card rewards program. Specifically, the company's objective was to offer a clearly differentiated line of cards ranging from a base no-annual-fee card up to a premier card with the appropriate options in between. Numerous features and benefits were available for inclusion in each card option. As such, appropriate annual fee levels needed to be identified for each card option.

    Solution: MSI conducted a large quantitative investigation among the client's target market of consumers. The investigation included various analytic techniques for evaluating feature importance, trade-offs between features and annual fee, as well as for identifying the optimum line configuration under varying marketing objectives.

    Results: MSI delivered a market simulation model that enabled the client to evaluate numerous line configuration scenarios and to quantify their impact on specific card acquisition, line acquisition and profitability.
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