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    Global Markets

    The World Is Our Playing Field

    Global research is an important part of MSI's business; more than half our revenue is derived from it. We operate in 40+ countries and have conducted hundreds of global studies for some of the world's strongest brands. Our deep experience in emerging markets – in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe – adds value to global brand expansion initiatives.

    MSI Advanced Customer Insights (MSI-ACI), our European sister company, specializes in global online communities. In fact, we were one of the first companies to build and manage global communities on our own platform as well as build proprietary, custom, communities exclusively for our clients.

    Our partners in EMEA, South America, Asia and Australia provide access to local resources to facilitate efficient data collection. Our reliable network of firms in Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and Moscow has repeatedly proven to be a valuable asset for our clients.

    Logistics is a small part of the equation. Our people make the difference. We are a diverse bunch, well-versed in the cultural complexities that influence how we collect intelligence, the questions we ask and how we interpret information. Meet our team.