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    Our Approach

    We don't have fancy trademarked names for products. Trademarked products are a favorite of commercialized research firms that offer the same old standardized offerings. And to us, very simply, it just doesn't feel right to build a "product" and apply it to a variety of categories and brands. Off-the-shelf may answer some of your questions, but we believe in answering all of your questions. At MSI, we build customized research solutions that allow major brands to be successful.

    Of course we have a number of proven methodologies for addressing specific marketing problems. However, we always tailor these approaches for each specific client, since no two marketing problems are identical.

    Our Go to Market and Stay Competitive solutions confront the problems that marketers face during the life of a brand. And as marketing challenges can vary, our customized solutions will meet your specific needs.

    You'll also find that our senior management approach differentiates us. Unlike many professional services firms that push the actual work down to junior staffers, our senior team is actively involved and committed to your success. Our Vice Presidents, most with more than 30+ years of research experience, lead all of our research projects. Quite honestly, we find it to be an insult to treat your projects with anything less than the best.

    Finally, we have more fun when we are challenged to the core. Throw us the biggest curve balls you have. The bigger the challenge, the more excited we get.