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    About MSI

    Getting to know MSI starts with the same question we asked ourselves over 25 years ago: "There's got to be a better way to do market research, right?" This was the fundamental principle behind the founding of MSI in 1988. Through creativity, tenacity and sheer passion, we took this idea to heart and have evolved into a global strategic marketing partner for Fortune 100 companies around the world.

    We are a full-service firm based in Philadelphia, with all support functions in-house. We have a wholly owned subsidiary in Amsterdam that serves local EU markets. And with more than two centuries of combined marketing research experience, our talented team is the driving force that guides every successful client engagement.

    The talented individuals at MSI are collectively fueled by the same basic tenets:
    • Strategy is at the core of what we do.
    • We get things done right - even if it means breaking traditions.
    • We're old school about preserving quality in everything we do.
    • We believe that asking questions will give you answers, but asking the right questions will provide you with superior insight.
    Of course a few bullet points will only give you a little insight into what we're like. If you really want to get to know us, you can find more about what we believe, or better yet, reach out and connect with us to discuss your marketing needs. We welcome the conversation.